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Preschool Philosophy

“Lansvale Public School Preschool is a collaborative and inclusive learning community where we are all challenged to be critical thinkers and creative, compassionate, confident citizens” (Lansvale Public School Vision)

At Lansvale Public School Preschool, we believe that early childhood (3-5 years) is a critical stage in children’s lives and all children deserve a high-quality early childhood program. We are guided by the principles of the Early years Learning Framework (secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships, partnerships, high expectations and equity, respect for diversity and ongoing learning and reflective practice) which underpins our practice to ensure all children make progress in relation to the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.

We believe that children learn best through play. Children learn to explore, experiment, investigate, solve problems, communicate, form attachments, trust, imagine, create and discover. Furthermore, we believe “play” emphasises the ideal approach to early childhood learning as the most important time in life and that children should be allowed to “just be”.  

The warm, caring, trusting and respectful educators at Lansvale Public School Preschool are committed to working in the best interest of children and their families. Our educators value reflective practice, in which programming decisions are shared and take into account each child’s uniqueness, interests and needs. As strong advocates for quality early childhood education, our educators continually strive to inspire, guide and challenge ways of doing and thinking by mentoring, sharing and opening our doors to external educators to showcase best practice.  

Lansvale Public School Preschool has a strong focus on respecting children’s rights and celebrating diversity. We acknowledge that each child is a unique and valued individual, bringing with them their diverse life experiences, passions, knowledge, languages and abilities. We are commitment to helping our children feel good about the uniqueness of themselves and their family. Our educators advocate for cultural acceptance by promoting positive attitudes towards cultural differences. 

Here at Lansvale, we are very proud that our families represent rich multicultural diversity. We will always welcome, listen to, learn from, respect and support families as partners in the educational process. Educators collaborate and plan learning goals to cater to all the needs of their child. Each parent is their child’s first and most consistent teacher in life and we respect their level of involvement and partnership.

Having achieved excellence, We want to maintain this exemplary label and continue and build a culture of ongoing improvement of all aspects of our practice. Every child deserves the very best! We at Lansvale Public School preschool in partnership with families and the community are committed to ensure that every child is known, valued and cared for.  

Revised and updated by the children, staff, families, community of Lansvale Public School Preschool 21/05/2020