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Student Representative Council

Lansvale Public Schools’ Student Representative Council (SRC) provides all students with a voice.


Each year 3-6 class selects two representatives to be part of the Primary SRC at the beginning of each school year. Students are nominated due to the PROUD behaviours they demonstrate and the caring, responsible natures they show their classmates. ​

The SRC is dedicated to improving the school to make it an ideal place for all students to learn, thrive and belong.​

The SRC meets once a fortnight to discuss issues relevant to Lansvale Public School.  It is the duty of the SRC representatives to seek input from their class members and report back to the council. ​

A variety of initiatives are led by the SRC to improve our school environment, culture, as well as participating in programs that support our wider community. ​

Initiatives include:​

·   Problem Busters - SRC representatives and year 6 volunteers assist teachers on lunch and recess duty to support their peers to make PROUD choices on the playground.​

·   School Cleanliness - designing a program to encourage students to clean up our playground to ensure a clean school environment we can all be PROUD of.​

·   Attendance - promoting strategies for greater attendance of all students to ensure greater learning opportunities.​

·   Little Wings - a partnership to help kids get medical treatment by donating the items we recycle. This also supports a clean and green environment.​

·   Collecting donations during charity drives, demonstrating our connection to supporting our community.